Pool landscapingClients often ask me whether a garden design is required for their project. To accurately answer this question, a few variables must be considered first. We must assess the level of detail required as well as the clients’ budget and the construction scope. When it comes to budget, if the project value is between 10-20k and consists of a simple lawn area with a few ground level gardens and paving, you might not need a design. But if that’s the case, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of layout.

There’s nothing worse than the quoted scope not matching what a client wants; if there is no design provided, these discrepancies generally don’t become evident until the construction phase (the client returns home from work and the lawn area is a lot smaller than they had anticipated)! In situations when a landscape design is not required, good communication is vital to ensure you know what you’re getting. For more detailed projects which might have items such as a pool, roof structure, level changes, planter boxes, walling or an outdoor kitchen, the answer is yes- a design is a vital part of your project and something you should consider carefully as it will maximise your investment and outcome.

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Contemporary Cool

  • resort style pool with spa
  • floating cabana roof
  • jarrah decking
  • exposed aggregate and granite paving
  • travertine water feature
  • masonry planter boxes
  • glass and masonry pool fence
  • custom jarrah shed
  • lighting
  • sir walter lawn
  • planting

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Perth’s Highest Quality Pool Renovations

Is your pool looking old and fatigued? Then it might be time for a facelift! If you have an existing concrete pool which is in need of rejuvenating, we can breathe new life into it.

You need to consider your pool’s relationship with the rest of your outdoor space and ensure it complements the new landscape. Our team has years of experience in pool renovation here in Perth with handpicked tradespeople who can help you achieve this.

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If you are thinking of installing a fibreglass pool, we can guide you on the size and shape of your pool. We can incorporate the pool within your landscape design and take care of the following for you:

  • Organise a quotation from our reputable fibreglass pool supplier for your consideration.
  • Liaise with your fibreglass pool contractor if you have already selected them.
  • Oversee the entire install process including coordination of timing, excavation, installation, electrical, plumbing and coping.
  • Submit council application for safety fencing including all drawings and documentation required.


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