About Us


Managing Director Cullen Long took a keen interest in outdoor creativity from as early as he can remember. Providing unpaid labour at the age of four, assisting his parents in building dry-stone walls, planting trees, and installing a concrete shed slab with the customary hand print at their new home. From there, his passion grew.

Cullen began his paid career in 2002 while completing horticulture studies, being awarded WA Apprentice of the Year. After five years spent crafting his knowledge of concrete pools and landscaping, Cullen realised there was a void in the industry for multifaceted companies that provided a “one-stop-shop” approach for integrated pool landscaping and landscape designs. An idea was born with Principal Landscapes being formed in 2007.

Specialising in residential landscape design, pool and general landscaping, Cullen and his team pride themselves on creating individual and timeless designs which reflect the client’s brief and complement the surrounding landscape and architecture.

Cullen prefers to implement a “hands-on” approach- personally conducting site consultations with clients (free of charge in metro area), carefully listening to their ideas and ensuring no part of their brief is lost in translation. The entire exterior of your home is considered during the 2D and 3D design process, enabling a seamless design and material palette which in turn ensures maximum functionality and appeal.

Principal Landscapes are a multi-award-winning member of SPASA and LIAWA, which means we adhere to their strict building regulations. Principal Pools + Landscapes in-house construction teams and qualified contractors work closely to ensure each project is completed on time and within budget. Quality engineered concrete pools and landscapes are constructed to the highest standard, as well as roof structures and outdoor kitchen and entertainment facilities. The “one-stop-shop” approach also simplifies on-site communication and allows clients to correspond efficiently through one convenient point of contact.

With a climate in Perth that encourages people to enjoy the outdoors, Cullen and his team at Principal Landscapes share a passion for creating fully landscaped outdoor spaces which enhance lifestyles.