How to Attract Native Birds to Your Garden

Attract Native Birds to Your GardenHave you often wondered how your neighbour’s landscaping attracts dozens of birds, while your own sits empty? You might think it’s a coincidence, but it can all be down to what goodies your neighbour has, and you don’t have. Read on to find out how to attract native birds to your garden.

Invest in Nectar-Rich Flowers

There are more than 700 native bird species in Australia, so why not try and attract some of your favourites with nectar-rich flowers? Your local landscaping team can recommend some of the best plants for nectar production, such as bottlebrushes and banksias.

The native species of bottlebrush, known as Callistemon, have beautiful nectar-filled flowers that attract a variety of birds and insects. With enough bottlebrushes, you may be treated to visitors such as honeyeaters, lorikeets, and rosellas.

Banksias, on the other hand, are a shelter-offering plant that is also jam-packed full of nectar. They provide ample sustenance for birds like cockatoos.

Non-native plants have their place, as well. Camellias can bloom at various times of the year, depending on the type. For at least three quarters of the year, birds can benefit from plenty of nectar. The best part is, Camellias thrive in the shade, whereas many native plants don’t.

Plant Grasses

Grasses are a favourite plant type for a number of reasons. Homeowners enjoy the low maintenance aspect, but they also attract birds, as well. Finches and wrens love grasses for both shelter and seeds. They can also feast on garden pests hidden underneath them. Talk to your local landscaping company about the best grasses for your soil type.

Provide Shelter

Like us, birds need shelter. More often than not, they get it from plants at various heights. Consider planting different bushes, shrubs, and trees to offer native birds plenty of options. You may even like to hang birdhouses to see if any prove useful for nesting birds.

Turn Your Yard into a Supermarket

Plants that offer nectar is one way to get birds into your property, but there are others. Birds also eat berries, seeds, and insects. If you add logs, mulch, and rocks into your landscape, then you can attract insects that birds can feast on. You may also like to lay out greens, grains, and seeds, as long as the birds don’t become reliant on them to survive.

Provide Water

If you’ve got the native bird population’s food needs covered, then what about hydration? Provide a shallow dish with fresh and clean water. Put it out of reach of predators, but in an easy-to-access place for birds. If you have a pond, make sure it has rocks and branches in it or around the edges to act as perches.

A few small changes in your landscaping can make a world of difference to native critters paying a visit. It won’t be long until you’re waking up to beautiful bird song to start the day. Why not get in touch with a landscaping business near you to offer some plant suggestions?