Why It’s Time to Manage Your Mulching

Garden MulchingThink about how much time you dedicate to gardening when you could be doing something much more fun. The truth is, even with some of the most incredible landscaping designs, you will always have to spend at least some time tending to your garden.

However, there’s one thing that can certainly help reduce the maintenance aspect, and that’s mulch. Read on to learn why it’s time to manage your mulching.

Suppresses Weed Growth

Mulch is an organic or non-organic material that you can put over the top of the soil in your garden. Not only can it offer a more uniform look, but it can also suppress weed growth. The mulch stops light from reaching the dirt, thus restricting the number of weeds that grow. Over time, they may still find a way through, but not nearly as quickly as if you didn’t have any mulch at all.

Retains Soil Moisture

In hot Australian summers, it’s not easy keeping your soil moist. Sun has the annoying ability to be able to dry everything out. However, mulch can certainly be of assistance. By putting a layer of mulch on your soil, you can reduce the amount of water it loses. Therefore, it helps to maintain your soil moisture.

Controls Your Soil Temperature

Some plants can be quite finicky with soil temperatures. If they aren’t perfect, the plants won’t thrive and may even die. So, have you thought about the benefits of mulch for this task, too? Mulch allows your soil to remain warm on cold nights, but relatively cool on hot days. Such temperatures can prevent your plants from being subjected to temperature extremes.

It Keeps Plants Clean

Have you ever gone to reach for a tomato from your garden, only to find it’s dirty and maybe even a little bit soft? Plants need soil, but they don’t exactly help prevent disease and dirt on your fresh produce. That’s where mulch comes in. Add it to your landscaping design and benefit from a protective layer for your fresh produce.

Increases Soil Fertility

If you invest in organic mulch, which most landscaping companies recommend, your soil benefits from fertility. Of course, that doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Eventually, the nutrients from the mulch work their way down into the soil so that you may benefit from improved plant growth later on.

Makes Your Garden More Attractive

If you’re a proud gardener, then having an attractive yard means the world to you. Soil isn’t exactly the prettiest thing, and you may not be all that keen on using bark chips. If that’s the case, then invest in mulch. This product – be it organic or non-organic, is uniform enough to make your garden appear more consistent and organised than before.

Helps the Health of Your Soil

If you have sandy soil or clay soil, then you may face a constant battle with its structure and moisture-holding capabilities. Mulch can help. It has the astounding ability to be able to increase how much moisture your soil can hold, as well as its structure.

A mulch mixture of compost, bark, straw, grass clippings, local by-products, and pine needles can offer several benefits you may not have realised. If your soil is lacking or your plants aren’t thriving, then could mulch be the solution? Talk to your local landscaping company about what to do next.