7 Landscaping Tips for Creating A Peaceful Haven Within Your Garden

7 Landscaping Tips for Creating A Peaceful Haven Within Your Garden

7 Landscaping Tips for Creating A Peaceful Haven Within Your GardenThere are many reasons why you might wish to install a new landscape design in your garden. It could be you have recently moved to the property and wish to have a completely new garden. Alternatively, you might have lived there for some time and your current garden is badly in need of renovation.

As well as the overriding reason for new landscaping, it might also be the case that you have the desire to create areas within your garden that perform specific functions. Examples of these include a cooking area for barbecues with friends and family, a play area for your children, a pool area for family fun, and a quiet area for relaxation and meditation.

It is the last example we are going to focus on because homeowners are increasingly requesting that a quiet area is included in their landscape designs. The reason might include that they are reading ever-increasing numbers of reviews and articles about the benefits of having a peaceful haven within a landscaped garden, and wish to realise those same benefits for themselves and their families.

As for what your peaceful haven area looks like and consists of, many of the decisions regarding these will come from personal preferences and tastes. You will also have to take into account the practicalities of designing and constructing it too, which your landscapers will gladly assist you with. If you are struggling to think of ways in which you could create your peaceful haven, here are seven tips for creating one that you should consider.

Peaceful Haven Tip #1: Add A Fire Pit: A fire pit brings many desirable benefits to your quiet area. First, and as a practical benefit, on those chillier nights after the sun has gone down, it can provide you with warmth. In addition, a fire pit is a great centrepiece for a quiet area where more than one person gathers.

Peaceful Haven Tip #2: Install A Water Feature: There can be few more relaxing sounds than trickling or running water. That is why we recommend a water feature is placed within your tranquil zone, or at least close to it. Whether you choose a small fountain or have your landscaping company install an artificial stream, you will come to love the relaxing sounds in the background.

Peaceful Haven Tip #3: Use Hedges Or Fencing For Privacy: For those of you who live in urban areas where there are other houses adjacent to yours or where people walk by your garden it can feel less than a peaceful and private haven if you are constantly looking up and seeing others looking at you. This is why having a screen such as a hedge or fencing on the outer limits of your tranquil zone or your garden helps remove those distractions.

Peaceful Haven Tip #4: Include Heating And Cooling: The key to a tranquil zone is that it should be comfortable and relaxing at all times, but this is less likely to be how you feel if you are shivering due to the cold or sweating due to the heat. For this reason, we suggest you include some form of heating and cooling in this area so that the temperature can be made just perfect regardless of what season it is.

Peaceful Haven Tip #5: Go All Out To Make It Comfortable: When we say comfortable in this context we are talking about what you will be sitting on and lying on. That means that you should spare no time nor finances in trying to purchase the most comfortable and relaxing furniture for your tranquil zone you can. This can include chairs, sofas, cushions, and loungers to name but four examples.

Peaceful Haven Tip #6: Use Fabric Screening Or Even A Tent: There is much to be said for a tranquil haven that is enclosed on several sides. This can include having fabric screening on all sides of it, using decorative screens, or having a tent if you so wish, with the proviso that its fabric and colouring compliments the rest of your landscape design so that it does not look completely out of place.

Peaceful Haven Tip #7: Utilise Low-Maintenance Plants: Our last tip is for those who are keen to be as close to Mother Nature within their peaceful haven as possible. In that case, it would mean having plants in there but given this is going to be a quiet oasis within a garden designed to relax in, we suggest that you choose plants that are very low maintenance and thus do not require much watering or pruning.