Groundcover Plants to Save You Hours on Weeding

myoporum parvifolium white creeping boobiallaYou won’t find too many people thrilled about the idea of weeding their gardens. In fact, many people go to their local landscaping company to ask for garden ideas that won’t require them to give up their free time to the task.

The reality of any garden, though, is that weeds will appear. Still, some plants give the pesky weeds their marching orders better than others. If you would prefer to leave your free time to things you enjoy, then read on. Here are some of the many groundcover plants you can find in Australia that can save you hours on weeding.

Creeping Boobialla – Myoporum Parvifolium

Creeping boobialla would have to be one of the most versatile groundcover plants in Australia. As a result, it tends to be one of the most popular for weed suppression. If you plant it in a tropical-style garden that might see a lot of rainfall, it grows as a beautiful green blanket over your ground. You will have very few weeds to contend with as a result.

However, if you live somewhere drier and sunnier, it remains low and thick, while producing beautiful white flowers. Essentially, no matter the soil type or conditions, you can expect this lovely form of groundcover to thrive.

Japanese Star Jasmine

Whether you are looking for a weed-suppressing plant or one that can grow along walls, fences, trellis, and arches, then Japanese star jasmine might be for you. What people like the most about this plant is its hardiness and versatility.

No matter where you plant it in your garden, it tends to thrive. It’s also reasonably non-invasive and handles both shade and sunshine.

Native Violet – Viola Hederacea

If you live in a reasonably wet part of Australia, then you will most likely benefit from native violets. While they won’t survive in hot and dry parts of the country, they are more than suitable for lightly shaded and moist areas.

They grow up to around ten centimetres tall in most parts of Australia but tend to be a lot sparser in places that get a lot of sunshine.

Mini Haha – Hardenbergia Violacea

Many people get in touch with their local landscaping company to find solutions to sloping properties. A standard solution for groundcover of such terrain is Mini Haha, also known as hardenbergia violacea.

It grows quickly to cover slopes and offers a beautiful burst of colour. However, they don’t tend to last as long as some other plant varieties.

Running Postman – Kennedia Prostrata

If you live in a hot, dry part of Australia, then Running Postman is a groundcover plant that’s worth your inspection. While it can grow in semi-shade, it’s also entirely flexible in full sun and well-drained soil.

It forms a mat of around two metres and quickly spreads across the ground. Yet, it’s not invasive. This beautiful plant adds a burst of colour while suppressing those pesky weeds.

You may invest in the best weed mats and herbicides, but that doesn’t mean you will ever win a battle against weeds. Still, some groundcover plants can assist. It might be time to get in contact with a landscaping company that can offer many different solutions.