6 Ways to Landscape for Privacy

privacy wallPrivacy plays a massive part in how much time you spend in your own backyard. Still, without the best landscaping, it’s not always that easy to get. How are you supposed to feel relaxed and free to be yourself when neighbouring properties are staring in? It’s easier to achieve than you think.

  1. Tall Fencing

The most obvious solution to achieve privacy is tall fencing. If your current perimeter fencing is looking a little worse for wear, then consider your options surrounding an upgrade. Changing your fences may rely on your neighbours to agree to it, but it can benefit both properties once it’s complete.

  1. Privacy Screens

Sometimes, it’s not the entire yard you want to keep private, but your entertaining area instead. There’s something quite invasive about spending time with friends and family, only to be able to see your neighbour hanging their washing on the line.

Fortunately, privacy screens are something that are effortless to incorporate into your landscape design. You can buy all manner of permanent and temporary ones and screen off the area you intend to keep private.

  1. Vertical Planters

Even if you’re not much of a gardener, vertical planters can be a way in which to achieve a natural form of privacy. A landscape expert can help achieve the look you want.

Vertical planters are ideal for not only achieving privacy, but welcoming much-needed greenery to a small yard. If you can’t plant out, plant up. They can be as tall as you like, and there are plenty of climbing plants that are bound to take your fancy.

  1. Lattice Walls

If there are parts of your property that are not as private as you would like, then consider installing lattice walls. Not only do they block off the view from neighbouring properties, but they still let in light for your sun-loving plants. You can also use them for your climbing plants like vines and roses.

  1. Shrubs and Plants

If you’re not that interested in installing hardscape elements to combat your lack of privacy, then mid-height and tall plants may be the answer. Tall plants can provide a natural backdrop for seating areas, while also dampening noise at the same time.

You can further gain a sense of privacy by investing in water features that drown out even more noise while providing a sense of serenity at the same time.

  1. Bamboo

A significant problem that people face when trying to landscape their yard is how to achieve privacy while not sacrificing lighting. Light-loving plants can suffer with tall fences, even if they achieve your primary goal of privacy.

That’s why bamboo is a valid choice for privacy seekers. While they distort the view of your backyard from neighbouring properties, they also let in light. You also get to enjoy an entirely natural form of privacy that offers a sense of zen.

Anyone can achieve the peaceful paradise they deserve in their own backyard, but it can take some outside-the-box thinking. Why not talk to your local landscaping expert about what you can do with your property?